Volume 1 Number 1 January 2002


Higuchi H
From Japan through Asia to the world: building bridges in ornithological science. 1

Ueda K

"Ornithological Science", the new English publication from Japan. 3

Interspecific segregation and attraction in forest birds
Hino T
Introduction. 5
Loyn RH
Patterns of ecological segregation among forest and woodland birds in south-eastern Australia. 7
Recher HF, Davis WE Jr & Calver MC
Comparative foraging ecology of five species of ground-pouncing birds in western Australian woodlands with comments on species decline. 29
Moenkkoenen M & Forsman JT
Heterospecific attraction among forest birds: a review. 41
Seki S & Sato T
The effect of a typhoon on the flocking and foraging behavior of tits. 53
Murakami M
Foraging mode shifts of four insectivorous bird species under temporally varying resource distribution in a Japanese deciduous forest. 63
Mizutani M & Hijii N
The effects of arthropod abundance and size on the nestling diet of two Parus species. 71
Hino T, Unno A & Nakano S
Prey distribution and foraging preference for tits. 81
Sodhi NS
The effects of food-supply on Southeast Asian forest birds. 89

Yamagishi S, Asai S, Eguchi K & Wada M

Spotted-throat individuals of the Rufous Vanga Schetba rufa are yearling males and presumably sterile. 95
Amano HE & Eguchi K
Nest-site selection of the Red-billed Leiothrix and Japanese Bush Warbler in Japan. 101