Volume 2 Number 1 February 2003


Ecology of seed dispersal
Ueda K
Introduction. 1
Kominami Y, Sato T, Takeshita K, Manabe T, Endo A & Noma N
Classification of bird-dispersed plants by fruiting phenology, fruit size, and growth form in a primary lucidophyllous forest: an analysis, with implications for the conservation of fruit-bird interactions. 3
Takanose Y & Kamitani T
Fruiting of fleshy-fruited plants and abundance of frugivorous birds: Phenological correspondence in a temperate forest in central Japan. 25
Hayashida M
Seed dispersal of Japanese stone pine by the Eurasian Nutcracker. 33
Fukui A
Relationship between seed retention time in bird's gut and fruit characteristics. 41
Rakotomanana H, Hino T, Kanzaki M & Morioka H
The role of the Velvet Asity Philepitta castanea in regeneration of understory shrubs in Madagascan rainforest. 49

Fujita M & Kawakami K

Head-bobbing patterns, while walking, of Black-winged Stilts Himantopus himantopus and various herons. 59
Tajima K & Nakamura M
Response to manipulation of partner contribution: A handicapping experiment in the Barn Swallow. 65

Nagata H & Sodhi NS

Low prevalence of blood parasites in five Sylviidae species in Japan. 73