Volume 2 Number 2 September 2003


Invited Articles

Komdeur J
Adaptations and maladaptations to island living in the Seychelles Warbler. 79
Pierre JP
Translocations in avian conservation: reintroduction biology of the South Island Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus carunculatus). 89


Mizuta T, Yamada H, Lin R-S, Yodogawa Y & Okanoya K
Sexing White-rumped Munias in Taiwan, using morphology, DNA and distance calls. 97
Matsubara H
Comparative study of territoriality and habitat use in syntopic Jungle Crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) and Carrion Crow (C. corone). 103
Hamao S
Reduction of cost of polygyny by nest predation in the Black-browed Reed Warbler. 113
Peh KS-H & Chong FL
Seed dispersal agents of two Ficus species in a disturbed tropical forest. 119

Yoshimura M, Hirata T, Nakajima A & Onoyama K
Ants found in scats and pellets taken from the nests of the Japanese Wryneck Jynx torquilla japonica. 127
Kawakami K & Higuchi H
Interspecific learning by the Ogasawara Islands Honeyeater Apalopteron familiare from the Japanese White-eye Zosterops japonicus on Hahajima, the Bonin Islands, southern Japan. 132

Seki S-I
Molecular sexing of individual Ryukyu Robins Erithacus komadori using buccal cells as a noninvasive source of DNA. 135