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Invitation to join the Ornithological Society of Japan

The Ornithological Society of Japan was established on May 3, 1912. Three years later, the Society launched its first official journal, ‘Tori’. Then, in 1986, Tori was renamed the Japanese Journal of Ornithology. The Society is the only ornithological society in Japan and currently has approximately 1,300 members. The main purposes and activities of the Society are the following:

1.Publishing two official journals, the Japanese Journal of Ornithology (in Japanese), and Ornithological Science (in English). Editions of both journals are released twice each year. Therefore, the Society’s major scientific communications to its members appear quarterly. Both journals include full-length original papers, short communications, review papers, book reviews and miscellaneous reports from the Society.
2.Holding an annual meeting. Participants can disseminate and discuss the results of their research in ornithology. Thus, these meetings facilitate the exchange of information among Society members.
3.Holding seminars and symposia. These sessions are usually open to both society members and the general public, and thus help disseminate information on current research in ornithology to a wide audience.
4.Publishing technical books and monographs. These specialist publications serve as a venue for the results and discussion of distinguished research. In the past, the Society has been involved with the publication of the following volumes: A Compendium of Ornithological Terms (2006, Dogura & Co., Ltd). The Checklist of Japanese Birds (revised 7th edition, 2012, Ornithological Society of Japan), Current Ornithology (1984, Asakura Publishing Co.), and The Birds of the South Kuriles (1979, Ornithological Society of Japan).
5.Maintaining strong contacts and continual involvement with appropriate academic institutions and organizations in Japan and abroad.


Members of the Ornithological Society of Japan have the following privileges:

1. Quarterly receipt of the Society's scientific publications, the Japanese Journal of Ornithology and Ornithological Science.
2. Access to the Japanese Journal of Ornithology and Ornithological Science as venues for the publication of their own ornithological research.
3. The right to present their own research at annual meetings and participate in other events conducted by the Society.
4. Access to the ornithological journals held by the Society. International journals are acquired from abroad through exchange for the Society's own publications, and are held by the Society for perusal by members.
5. The ability to purchase books and other material published by the society at discounted rates.
6. The right to vote for, and be voted onto, the Society's boards and committees.
7. Access to grant funding for attendance at the International Ornithological Congress, held every four years.

There are no particular qualifications required to join the Ornithological Society of Japan. Anyone with an interest in birds, who agrees with the purposes and activities of the Society, is welcome. Members come from a variety of societal sectors and have varied backgrounds. For example, professional scientists, students, bird banders, amateur birdwatchers and nature conservationists are included in the membership of the Society, and members are men and women of all ages. We encourage both amateur and professional ornithologists to join the Society, to promote research activities and nature conservation related to birds and ornithology.
To become a member of the Ornithological Society of Japan, completethe membership application form and email it to the office of Membership Inquiry, with the appropriate payment. We encourage members to join in a supporting capacity, as this helps provide the Society with the economic resources essential to the continuation of its activities. For further details, contact the Society office.


President: Yutaka WATANUKI (Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University, Hakodate)
Vice President: Tetsuo SHIMADA (The Miyagi Prefectural Izunuma-Uchinuma Environmental Foundation)
Audits: Koya AKIYAMA, Sachiko MORIGUCHI
Secretary General: Shin MATSUI
Secretaries: Naoki KATAYAMA, Kentaro KAZAMA
Councilors: Yutaka WATANUKI, Tetsuo SHIMADA, Shoji HAMAO, Yuko HAYASHI, Kayoko O. KAMEDA, Kazuto KAWAKAMI, Osamu K. MIKAMI, Sayaka MORI, Hisashi NAGATA, Isao NISHIUMI, Kiyoaki OZAKI, Takema SAITOH, Masaoki TAKAGI, Mutsuyuki UETA, Noriyuki YAMAGUCHI


TOKAI UNIVERSITY, Department of Biology, School of Biological Sciences, Minamisawa 5-1-1-1, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 005-8601, JAPAN
Email: smatsui "at" (Replace "at" with @)

Membership Inquiry:
OSJ Bureau, Shunkosha Co., Ltd.
Lambdax Building, 2-4-12 Ohkubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-5291-6231, Fax: +81-3-5291-2176
Email: osj "at" (Replate "at" with @)